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Come play the Megasaur Slot, one of the biggest online progressive jackpot slot games that USA players can win. Along with  Aztec’s Millions, Megasaur has a jackpot that usually hovers around the million dollar mark. So there is a lot of advantages to checking it out and playing a few rounds. You have to play, if you want to win!

It also has a Green Megasaur and a Red Megasaur that substitutes for any other symbols except for themselves and scatters. With the luckier Red Megasaur any wins are also doubled – so hope for the RED monster.

The Volcano scatter symbol is also a super symbol which will multiply your total bet by as much as 300 times. While it does not multiply jackpots wins, when you get 5 of them you will get a 200x multiplier. And although not as glamorous, when you get 4 scatters your win will be 10 times your bet and twice as much with 3 scatters. The scatter also pays any way, left to right and right to left.

The other dinosaurs are no slouches either – with regular wins as much as 1,000 and 2,000 with the Red Megasaur. For a million dollar game, it is surprising easy to play and understand.

There 5 reels, 3 lines and 25 pay lines which must always be played with a minimum $1.25 bet per spin. You can also increase that minor bet to a major bet with a value of $2.50 and $5 per spin. If you get a Red Megasaur with the best Triceratops dinosaur – you can win $10,000 on a single spin.

Play this game if you really want to win a bug jackpot. It also has a ‘feature guarantee’ that kicks in after 250 bets. This triggers the bonus round where free spins and win multiplers are won. The best method to getting a guaranteed feature is to set the auto play option to stop once it is triggered.

Get a bonus round guaranteed!

Max Bet Jackpots

The undisputed way to win the most money is to play Max Bet. Some slots give you a 4,000 coin jackpot vs the usual 2,000 – but the Megasaur slot gives you a piece of the jackpot action!

More Amazing Features


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Double Prizes

Green Megasaur

Pick A Volcano

6 Free Games

$67 Win

$114 Win

12 Free Games

More Green Megasaurs

Feature Guarantee in 26 Spins

Feature Guarantee Triggered

6 Free Games with Feature Trigger

6 Free Game – $230 Win

Green Megasuar


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