Play Gold Rush Gus Slot – Jackpot Game

“Throughout the old west, legends spoke of an old prospector whose instincts for striking gold could not be matched”

$1,000 Free Play

Start out the Gold Rush Gus slot with a $1,000 Free Play and switch to real play once you discover the secrets to winning. With the Gold Rush Gus Slot, players get 3 jackpots and free spins.

$300 Win on the First Spin

With a $300 Win on our  first spin we brought our playing balance up to $1,200 – so we reduced the bet to a $10 Bet.

$10 Bet

With the next few bet we tired $10

Running To A New Pit

Wile we did not win, we loved the way that Gus ran t the next pit to pick for wins.

$60 Win

After a few more bets, we did $60 on a $10 bet. It was also then that we noticed the jackpot was more than $67,000

$20 Win

It wasn’t much, but after a few more bets, we won $20.

$100 Ahead

We decided to quit while we were ahead by $100

Win Jackpots

The Gold Rush Gus Slot game has 5 reels, 3 lines and 14 symbols with 2 mini jackpots and 1 progressive jackpot. Play and win for as little as $0.60 to as much as $120 per spin.

Bet 20 Cents to $100 Per Spin

Pay Tables

Highest Symbols Pay Table

Royal Symbols Pay Table

10 Pay Lines

Treasure Chest and Jackpot Features

 Mini Jackpots and Bonus Games

Instant Win

  • Five reels, 14 symbols and a progressive jackpot if you find an elusive diamond; work with the legendary Gold Rush Gus to dig up your fortune.
  • Get three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 to enjoy free spins. Win either 5, 10 or 15 spins, plus a multiplier of x2, x 3 or x4. You can even win free wins within a free spin game!
  • Lost a spin? You can randomly trigger the volcano re-spin to re-spin 2-5 reels at another chance to win.
  • Get two key scatter symbols on reels 1 and 3 to trigger one of four rewards: Instant Win, Bonus Game, Mini Jackpot, and Progressive Jackpot.
  • Collect 5 gems of a kind to win one of the 2 mini jackpots.Don’t worry – if you leave the game, the gems you’ve already collected will still be there when you return.

$200 Instant Win


$500 Win

Play Gold Rush Gus Slot Free