Casino Secrets – Secrets Casinos Do Not Want You To Know

These casino secrets are blasted wide open for all to see, hear and understand. Discover the truths and you will learn and earn more. But, are they really secrets or merely just some interesting facts about the casinos manipulate you and steer you towards spending more and winning less.

Either way, we save you a lot of time by reviewing these ‘secrets‘.

Casino Secrets

  • you are always on camera and the videos are saved
  • each casino and casino game have a different house edge, so choose the one casino location with the best odds and the game therein with the bet odds
  • do not play blackjack if the payout is not the usual 3 to 2 for a blackjack
  • more people at a table allows you to think more about the right move and make the right decision
  • you get free stuff when you sign up for players rewards, but you do not have to continue to play once those benefits are used
  • if you are a consistent big winner, the casino can ban you
  • ace tracking, shuffle tracking, card counting and other methods are legal but could get you banned
  • casinos do like the buzz they get when people win big, even if they ultimately ban you for being too good
  • bring your money into the casino and avoid the ATM fees at the casino, it is just another profit source for them
  • subliminal tactics are used to keep you in the casino, relax you and keep you gambling and may include adding aromatic oils to the ventilation system
  • employees may have the right to detain you if they suspect you of cheating and the courts usually back the casinos
  • playing slots are the worst games in the casino
  • the higher denomination slot games pay out better than the lower denominations, so paying max. coins on a penny machine is worse than playing the dollar slots
  • the blaring sounds and flashing lights are meant to give you the impression that everyone is winning. however, most people are actually losing
  • there are no windows or clocks in a casino so that you tend to lose track of time and dealers may actually be ordered not to wear watches
  • restrooms and restaurants are strategically located so that you must first pass a lot of gambling opportunities
  • casino layouts are designed in a complex array so that you cannot readily find the exit without obstacles like banks of slot machines or gaming tables.

  • casinos do a lot of research into ways to get you to gamble more
  • red lights make people gamble faster
  • when a casino is less busy, women bet more and higher
  • strip casinos can offer less odds because they draw more people whereas Boulder strip and Downtown try to attract more people with better odds
  • crowded tables slow down play and can earn you more player rewards with less risk
  • casino like you to drink and lower your judgement and playing skill
  • baccarat is a good for beginners and gives you better odds than the average card game
  • casinos prefer larger denomination chips because it looks like you are losing less than you really are
  • machines that look the same might actually have different payouts and games
  • casino have security posing as players and making bets – they do not seem as concerned about their winnings as much as real players

  • a machines outcome is decided at the time the bet button is played and is determined by the computerized random number generated
  • a near miss may be seen as almost winning – but it is just another loss that means nothing and is probably designed into the game

  • get as much free stuff as you can get
  • get rated higher by starting off with bigger bets than you normally would
  • casino security uses NORA software – “non obvious relationship awareness” – which gathers as much information on you from sources like loyalty rewards cards, cameras and personnel
  • casino chips have RFID ID chips in them and may be trackable
  • chips are used instead of cash so that you appear to be losing chips rather than actual money
  • tip dealers and personnel to get more free drinks
  • hidden fees like resort fees add a lot to your costs

  • attractive personnel are meant to keep you
    at the casino
  • party pits may have lower odds games
  • dealers are friendly in order to get more tips and make you gamble longer
  • chips can be physically quite unhealthy with a lot of germs
  • sloppy dealers may mistakenly disclose cards during shuffling and dealing
  • betting limits may be lower at inexpensive locations and higher at glitzy casinos

(discusses the odds on the different games)

  • get to the casino early in the morning if you want time and help playing from dealers

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  • casinos prefer that you bet within your limits and repeat customers over someone who loses it all at once

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  • casinos avoid putting loose machines together – if you are losing, then moving to nearby machine may help
  • loose machines may be placed in highly visible spots to give the impression that people are winning everywhere
  • avoid machines where there is too much activity where people are just hurrying past in a transit area
  • progressives win big but not very often
  • betting max coins may not be an advantage on all slots

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  • casinos share information on card counters
  • NORA also checks to see if players and dealers have ever shard a telephone number, a room at the casino or roommate

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  • This book seller prefers to play late at night, play lots of machines and play max bet if the bonus wins are bigger

(says that martingale betting works)

  • quit if you are ahead

And here are a few bonus tips on “Ways to Get Kicked Out of a Casino”

  • be dangerous or extremely rude
  • count cards – as teams or individuals
  • steal from customers
  • get too drunk