Win $7,000 a Day Legally “Cheating” at Roulette!

“Double Cross Roulette Never Loses! $50 Sets Up Unlimited Winnings! Get Started for Free!”

So check out the “Double Cross Roulette” system and if you are convinced, then buy the strategy for $99.97 – but before you do – here is what it says.

The System

  • The Double Cross Roulette system is basically to make a columns bet and a three number combination that crosses all the columns
  • It never loses
  • All you need is $50
  • It sets up bets – that repeat and have not won recently
  • Sets up huge win – with $1 bets you can make as much as $550 in a series
  • Free download of “How to Win $250,000 a Year Playing Roulette” – I went to the website and added my email to get the free report but never got a reply
  • In the demo of the system, the numbers that were rolled were done off screen – bets consisted of one on a column and another on a three number combination – after those bets lost, another col. was chosen for the next bet as well as another three number combination
  • The “limited offer” has been offered since Oct 18, 2018 with this new video
  • The link for practice was free play at Bovada
  • Since “Comments are disabled for this video” you will never know what others thought about this cross betting strategy

Our Comments

  • The software has never been updated past XP
  • Play around with the free trials, but caution beyond that

The original video said “Double Cross Roulette Never Loses! $50 Sets Up Unlimited Wins! Instant Free Download! www.”

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