Magic Formula To Win At Craps?

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Magic Formula to Win at Craps?

“Magic Formula to Win at Craps? No, sorry to inform you there is no way to avoid the casino’s house edge. In this video I go in to detail in a system called the Doey Don’t. ”

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Doey Don’t Craps Betting System

  • The concept is to place a minimum bet on both the pass and don’t pass line  – and  place a higher odds bet behind the line.
    • The odds bets is the best bet in craps with no house edge.
    • Then you would make conservative positive  progressive bets on the odds line bets.
    • The only to lose on both the pass and don’t pass bets is to hit a 12 on the come out roll – which on average is only 1 in 36 rolls. In most casinos the 12 is a tie.
  • However, because the 12 on a come out roll may never win – it reduces your advantage and increases the house advantage.
  • The house advantage on a Doey Don’t bet is 1.39% when you lose on a 12 (or less, if the casino calls it a tie).
    • This compares to the regular house advantage of a single pass line bet of 1.41% and don’t pass line bet of 1.36%
  • Conclusion: You are usually better off just making a don’t pass line bet.

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