Gaming Pro Discusses Dice Tips and Strategy

Tony Leo, The Gaming Pro Discusses Dice Tips and Strategy

This Las Vegas based craps pro discusses his 10 best dice tips and strategy.

1. Mindset – Treat it like a business and not a hobby
2. Take one or two wins per table or per shooter to make 30 to 60 wins per night
3. Win at the game and take your win. Never play the pass line as a shooter. or a com
4. Money Management – Take your pick as to your betting style. This means increase your bets as you win or increase your bets as you lose. If you like, mix it up. Flat betting does not work.
5. Collect then press. For instance, with come bets, when you win – first collect the win and pocket it, then on the next win “press” or add your win to bets already out there. Switch off until them game ends.
6. Field bets – These should include a payout of 3 to 1 on the 12 and not 2 to 1. You could instead have a bet on each of the 4 5 6 8 9 10 and a horn bet of $4. If the field does pay 3 to 1, you can have all numbers covered with a bet on the 5 6 8 and field.
7. Any 7 bet – Instead of a $3 on any 7, bet a 3 way hop with $1 on each of b(4-4, hop hot) (6/1, 4/3,)
8. Tipping the dealer – Tip them during the beginning of your shoot and not at the end with a bet.
9. Make a don’t come bet if you want to
10. His Play Schedule – Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Start at 4:30 to 5:00am and in the casino for 45 minutes or less with 30 to 40 wins per day.
11. Uses advantage dice control. Eliminates 2 of the 6 ways to roll a 7. You will throw more field numbers than normal. You will find your dominant numbers and a lot of hop bets in which to concentrate your bets.