Dice Control – The XYZ Axis Basics

After you wait for the real information to be discussed you will get a good basic understanding of where as x y and z axis are located.

After 3 minutes of saying the same words he finally got down to what he wanted to tell you.

The X Axis in Craps Dice

The x-axis is easily viewed as a straight line that comes straight down from above near the ceiling and goes toward the table. This is the basis of the whip shot. This is where the thrower attempts to throw the dice so that when they hit the back wall they do not tumble forwards or backwards they just rotate around in a circle on the x-axis. So if you can stay on the x-axis whatever the top numbers are of the dice when you throw them would be the same numbers when they come to a stop.

The Y Axis in Craps Dice

Now the y-axis is viewed as a line that goes straight through the dice from the throwers position to the back wall of the craps table. In this case the dice still do not go forwards and backwards but they also do not rotate in a circle. With the y-axis, the dice will roll around from left to right.

So if you are holding the dice and looking from the top – if you looked on the left side and the right side you will see two more possible end positions. And if you looked on the bottom of the dice you would see what the fourth possible number is on that dice.

The Z Axis in Craps Dice

Dice sets like the Hardways set and the all 7 sets are meant to be thrown and stay on a specific axis.

Those two sets are the basis of the Z axis. This could be viewed as a line straight through the dice from left to right. When the dice travel in this axis their movement is forwards and backwards.

Part 2

This time it takes 3 and 1/2 minutes to see the first roll of the dice. The rest of the video is just the narrator throwing Dice and then telling you whether it was on axis or off axis. So don’t waste a lot of time on that one. In fact, you could skip it entirely.

You could actually throw the dice yourself without any control, and then just say the same things.


PS: Do not waste your time on his 5 videos about his “Dice Control Course” –  the videos do not offer any real information at all.