Craps Iron Crapper Strategy System

The relatively new “Craps Iron Crapper Strategy System” is a craps betting strategy designed to generate small but steady profits using the don’t pass, numbers and field bets.

The System

  • Place a $42 bet on the don’t pass line
    • If the come out roll is 7 or 11 – you lose – start over
    • If a number is established, place $42 more in bets as follows
      • Place a $5 bet on the field
      • Place a $10 bet on the point number
      • Place a min. $5 bet on all the other numbers. Because of the payouts on the 6 and 8 you will need to add another $1 to each of those numbers.
      • When you win – remove all profits from the table and replace the $5 field bet
      • When you lose – start over

Craps Iron Crapper Factors

  • In the revised system, you would play the strategy no matter what number was established after the come out roll.
  • Once you get past the come out roll, you will either make money or break even

Statements He Made About The Strategy

  • He added together a number of systems like the iron cross and the triple 7
  • Get past the come out roll and you own the 7
  • He tested the system 100’s of times and only lost his $168 game bankroll twice


  • In his first two videos , the first point established was a 4 – this helped him win a lot of times on the start of the session.

Video Description Excerpts

  1. The Iron Crapper – Free Craps Betting System Strategy “My FREE craps betting system, taking different known systems and building them into one. Please test, revise, and comment. Help me make the Iron Crapper a safe and, solid betting system” … Pocket Brainbook , length 13:56
  2. The Iron Crapper – Free Craps Betting System Strategy – Part 2 “Please watch the first Iron Crapper video before this one, to get the basics of the strategy” … Pocket Brainbook, length 14:27
  3. Using the Craps Iron Crapper “Here is a video testing out the strategy the Iron Crapper ” …Greg Dunlop, length 9:46
  4. The Iron Crapper Free Craps Betting System Strategysmall “The Iron Crapper Free Craps Betting System Strategysmall” … GAMBLERS CORNER, length 13:56
  5. 100 rolls using the Iron Crapper system “I roll through 100 times using the Iron Crapper craps system ” …100Rolls, length 28:37
  6. Craps: 2/1 2/1 Iron Crapper Strategy “Testing another strat I found on youtube with the 2/1 2/1 dice set.” …Hi-Lo-Yo, length 22:43
  7. Iron Crapper – Craps Betting Strategy After the point is established “if a seven appears you break even” …Color Up, length 26:02
    • “The object is to roll as many numbers as you can while avoiding the point number”
    • “This strategy moves the risk of a seven out to a lower probability number”
  8. 2019 Craps Iron Crapper Strategy Explained “2019 Craps Iron Crapper Strategy Explained” …Vince Armenti, length 29:48

Where To Test
The Craps Iron Crapper Strategy System

Slots LV Don't Pass - After point

With all betting strategies and  systems you will want to thoroughly test them out before placing any real money on them.

Slots LV

At the Slots LV casino, you get a craps table that does pay triple on the twelve on the field bet. Some other casinos only offer double on the 12 in the field. On the come out roll you will lose if 7 or 11 is rolled. Please also note that the Slots LV does not allow you remove the don’t pass bet after the point is established ( also at the Bovada).

My Test of the Craps Iron Crapper Strategy System

This video is a simple demonstration of what you can expect to encounter during your own test of this system online.

  • If you get a lot of 7 or 11’s on the first roll – you lose and will undoubtedly think the system is crappy
  • You get a lot of playing once you go the come out roll
  • Wins will usually be small, but they can get big and add up.