Reactoonz | Free Online Game

Come and play Reactoonz here for free. Enjoy this great online casino game with no registration and no download. This game is free to play for international players. Plus, for USA players, you can also enjoy other “Free Play Games” here.

Play Reactoonz Free

As you play, the reactants will be charging up when you win. This is where you can win up to four unique Quantum features. So keep playing and charge it!

Giantoonz Double Wins

While playing,  you will also be forming Giantoonz which double the win. Also, when symbols fluctuate, they will leave behind more wilds. 

In Reactoonz, the Gargantoon will help the player win more money by dropping random wilds. Plus the gargantoon also shows up as a monstrous three-by-three wild symbol.

Minimum 20 Cent Bet

This is such a fun and colorful game you just have to try it. You can even play for real for as little as $0.20 per spin. Of course other coin bet values include $0.40 $0.60 $0.80 $1 $1.60 $2 $3 $5 $7 $10 $20 $40 $50 and even $100 per spin.

Maximum $100 Bet

when you play for fun, why not play with the maximum bet of $100 and see just how much you could really win as a high roller.

Surprise Instability

Instability in a slot game is usually not a good thing. But in Reactoonz it is just the thing that you want to occur. If you initially get a non winning spin, there’s also a chance that the loveable gargantoon will drop 4 to 8 wild symbols into the grid. There is also a queue for the Quantum and when that reaches a gargantuan, a 3 by 3 size monster will appear as a wild and substitute for all symbols.

The gargantoon will divides and moves with each cascade of character. It first divides into two 2×2 wild symbols and then into 9 individual wild symbols. New symbols will cascade down from above filling the grid before each gargantoon move.

Quantum Leap

The Quantum Leap charges while winning. A random Quantum feature is added to the queue after winning on 25 symbols. Up to 4 Quantum features can be queued. Charging a 5th we’ll add the gargantuan feature. 

When no more win are present the quantum feature in the queue will trigger. That game round ends when all queued Quantum features have been triggered and there are no more winning combinations.

Quantum Features

There are 4 different Quantum Features that increase your fun factor and wins.

  1. The yellow implosion feature transforms three to six symbols into wild symbols while also destroying all adjacent symbols.
  2. The blue incision feature cuts at Wild symbol into the center and creates two intersecting diagonal lines through the grid. Both lines will show the same random symbol.
  3. A red demolition feature will destroy all one-eyed symbols and all matching symbols.
  4. The green alteration feature chooses one random one-eyed symbol and all matching symbols and turns then into another symbol

In all these features. wild symbols are not affected by Quantum features.

Implosion Feature

Incision Feature

Demolition Feature

Alteration Feature



Giantoonz and Fluctuation

Giantoonz have very fluctuating characteristics. Four normal matching symbols adjacent to each other in a square shape will automatically form Gigantoonz. Wins are doubled in any winning combinations that Gigantoonz are a part of. 

One random one-eyed symbol type is marked as fluctuating symbols in each spin. If any of the marked symbols are part of a winning combination, they will leave 2 Wild symbols behind. 

Wild substitutes for all symbols.

Character Symbol Payouts

The 8 character symbols will generate wins when 5 or more matching symbols are touching either horizontally and or vertically. The winning symbols are then scored, removed and new symbols will follow down to fill the gaps. Hopefully more wins will come about with the new symbols. Players can win from .16 to 1,200 with up to 15+ symbol matches.


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